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How It Works

How Our Car Buying Works

Working with an Allrich Auto broker is easy! Simply supply your broker with all pertinent information regarding your desired vehicle, method of payment (e.g., finance, lease, etc.); and, provide your broker with a partial refundable $500 "retainer" (earnest deposit) to commence the search.

At the conclusion of the vehicle search, which typically takes 5-7 days or less, your Allrich Auto broker will contact you with the results, which detail each located vehicle’s specs (e.g., color, equipment, etc.) as well as the vehicles’ prices (including Allrich Auto's fee). Should you choose to proceed in buying one of these located vehicles, Allrich Auto will complete the transaction and coordinate your vehicle delivery.

Should you choose not to buy any of the vehicles that Allrich Auto located, we will refund 50% of your retainer.

Allrich Auto's Fees

We WILL deliver a hassle-free car buying experience while securing the lowest possible price on your desired vehicle.

Only after you have agreed to acquire a specific vehicle, which we have located for you, at a specific price, is Allrich Auto's fee due. If you do not use our service to acquire one of the located vehicles, only a partial fee is due and any retainers that you have on deposit with us are refundable minus $250 fee.

As stated above, as a licensed and bonded automobile buyers’ agent, Allrich Auto cannot accept fees of any kind from an automobile dealer. As such, Allrich Auto must collect its compensation directly from its clients. This structure allows for both the client and Allrich Auto to work together toward a common goal – finding the right vehicle at the absolute lowest price!

In a traditional dealership environment, there is a conflict of interest immediately created between the car buyer and dealer. One party wants the lowest price, the other, the highest price.

With Allrich Auto fee structure, the conflict of interest is completely eliminated., it is vital to our success that we secure the absolute lowest price possible, thus, we are all working toward the same goal. This is the key ingredient that makes working with Allrich Auto Brokers so pleasant and our results so successful.